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Full stack development

From a simple website to the most complex microservice architecture, RaincoatMoon can help you at any stage of your project.

All about AWS

Thinking about hosting your stack in AWS? You are in the right place! We can setup your infrastructure with CDK and Terraform so you don't need to worry about the availability or scalability of your systems.

Software consulting

Is your project going as expected? Are you looking for advice? We are here for you. Let us bring a new perspective so you can find the right direction!

And more...

Technology is always evolving and so are we. If you need anything related to software, chances are that we can help you.

Who is behind this?

Marco Antonio Garrido

Freelance Software Engineer

I'm a Full-Stack Software Engineer with more than 5 years of experience in the industry. After working 4 years as a SDE at Amazon, I decided to start a new chapter in my career and become a freelancer.

I have working experience with a wide variety of programming languages, including Java, TypeScript/JavaScript and Python, and some of the web frameworks for those languages, like Spring, Express and Django. Regarding frontend, I have experience with web applications in React, Angular and Vue.js.

In the last year, during my free time, I started to learn and work with Rust, besides keeping on with my main hobby, traveling with my motorcycle.

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