Some thoughts about the method of complements

An alternative way for subtracting numbers.

· 5 minutes reading time

Microservices with Kubernetes? Giving a try to AKS

Ever wonder about the early steps of a microservice architecture? Let me show you then.

· 16 minutes reading time

Crafting a Telegram bot with AWS Lambda (and Rust)

A simple guide on how to create and deploy a Telegram bot in AWS Lambda with Rust.

· 15 minutes reading time

A reverse engineering adventure

Follow me on a journey in which I'll try to figure out how the API used by a proprietary Android app works, so I can make my life slightly easier (or so I think).

· 11 minutes reading time

mDNS vs DNS: my personal take

Nobody doubts about the hegemony of DNS. But in a small network, does it make sense to have a DNS server for resolving local domains? Does mDNS work better? Let's talk about it!

· 7 minutes reading time

Stepping into the IoT world: my experience with ESPHome

Smart home devices are in a growing trend, yet most of them require a proprietary app. ESPHome looks like a good alternative.

· 11 minutes reading time